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TDL Dumpster Rental a division of Trentel's Design & Landscaping LLC

Our main focus for our dumpsters are for residential and small commercial services. Below outlines: prices, sizes, terms and conditions, prohibited items and agreement of service

Dumpster Pricing

Roll-off Dumpster

13 Cubic Yards

Wheeled Dumpster

10 Cubic Yards

Additional Misc. Cost

Dumpster Overflow – $75 hour to reduce load

Extra Day Rental – $25/$30 per day extra

Tires – $15 per tire

Prohibited Items

NO Hazardous waste!!



Paint/Aerosol cans




Hot Ashes/Coals

Asbestos materials

Medical waste

Animal carcasses of any kind

Toxic or corrosive materials

 Liquids of any kind



Contaminated Soil

Appliances with Freon

Radioactive material

TV’s/Computer monitors

Tires (unless we are notified)

 Extremely heavy items

(dirt, rock, concrete or asphalt)  


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Office Hours:

Mon thru Fri: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Sat and Sun: Office Closed

Terms and Conditions of Use

TDL wants to inform customers of responsibilities and duties of rental agreement.Due to State laws and regulations we have outlined very important standards that follow:

  • Dumpsters may not be filled past the top rail of dumpster by State Law.
  • Dumpsters may not be moved or pushed at anytime.
  • Drop off spots have to be on level ground
  • Any drop off spots off roads, driveways or gravel paths must be okay-ed by customer. Some drop spots may be denied by TDL at anytime due to safety or trucks/trailers getting stuck. We cannot be responsible for damage caused by dumpsters in drop off spots that were specified beyond our normal drop areas. Customer assumes responsibility of cleaning or removing dirt and rocks tracked on streets or roadway of muddy drop spots. Customer warrants sufficient location that can bear weight of all equipment and vehicles. Customer agrees that TDL will not be responsible for damage to any pavement, walkways, lawns or concrete needed to perform services
  • Any damage to dumpster could occur a fee
  • Weight limit may not be exceeded per dumpster rented. Max weight will be labeled
  • Customer is required to sign delivery of dumpster and start of service
  • If we come out and area is not safe for drop off, customer will be charged $75 for non service and time
  • At any point TDL can terminate service if terms and conditions are not being honored
  • Weight must be distributed evenly throughout the container
  • Customers are required to use dumpsters for uses intended. We are not responsible for improper use of dumpster, including but not limited to: injury or death caused by people climbing in and out of dumpster. Use of dumpster is for disposing of material safely over walls
  • In some cases permits and approval fees are needed. Customer is responsible for obtaining any necessary permits, approvals and fees needed for dumpster use
  • Customer must fully assume liability for use of dumpster. Customer cannot hold Trentel’s Design & Landscaping LLC (TDL) mini dumpster division responsible for harm to employees, liability for claims, damages, losses and expenses including attorney fees resulting from use of dumpster. Rental agreement outlines fully correct and prohibited use of dumpsters
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